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"Learn to Dance The Big Apple In One Easy Lesson" by Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist known for his fanciful contraptions that took an absurd number of steps to complete a simple task. He captures the spirit of The Big Apple in this cartoon.

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In December of 1937, Goldberg and his wife attended a party which featured the newest dance craze, The Big Apple.  He was so inspired by the dance that he drew this cartoon for the hosts of the party.

This is the first time this work has ever been printed for sale, and we are pleased to bring it to you in a museum-quality fine art giclee print. The print is 16" by 12" on Satin Cotton Rag (285 g/m2).

The inscription reads:

To Dottie Aylesworth and her pop and mom, in appreciation of the grandest party of 1937 - Rube and Irma Goldberg

Learn to Dance "The Big Apple" In One Easy Lesson.

Trombone hits vase (A), spilling water on sponge (B) - Weight of water in sponge causes string (C) to open box, releasing mouse (D) - Cat (E), seeing mouse, raises back and tilts platform (F), spilling big apple on pupil's head and causing her to go slightly goofy and fall into the natural movements of "The Big Apple"

Rube Goldberg is the ® and © of Rube Goldberg, Inc.

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