"Learn to Dance The Big Apple In One Easy Lesson" by Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist known for his fanciful contraptions that took an absurd number of steps to complete a simple task. He captures the spirit of The Big Apple in this cartoon.

Charles Peterson's "Breakaway" Silver Gelatin Print

Taken in the summer of 1941 by famous Jazz photographer Charles Peterson, this image captures Lindy Hoppers Billy Ricker and Norma Miller in a striking stance as dancers from the Savoy Ballroom look on.

"The Lindy Hop" by Miguel Covarrubias

We are excited to offer the first printing of this gorgeous work in over 80 years. Now available for purchase, these offset-print posters and giclee prints of Miguel Covarrubias’s 1938 lithograph, "The Lindy Hop", will look great on any wall.
From $19.99

"Rhapsody In Blue" by Miguel Covarrubias

To our knowledge, this gorgeous painting from c. 1925 has never before been reproduced as a print until now. Be among the first to own this beautiful Jazz Age work of art.

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